Consulting Accelerator Program

Career Path

We employ bright, ambitious, top-performing students who want to tackle the energy industry’s hardest and most important problems to make the world a better place.

We are looking for people who want to be the next generation of leaders at Energeia. Our culture is merit based – as soon as you are performing at the next level we will promote you and work with you to develop your skills.

Consulting Accelerator Program (CAP)

Energeia has created the Accelerator Program to develop the required skills and tools to become a successful consulting professional in a short, 6-month timeframe.

The Accelerator Program ensures our employees have the best opportunity to succeed in this complex and technical sector and to master our sophisticated modelling and programming techniques.

As an Associate on this program you will receive 3 months of on-the-job training on our processes, tools and methodologies, paired with other employees and, mentored by the Managing Director.

Why Choose the CAP?

• Work on cutting-edge energy sector projects in a collaborative team environment
• Gain a broad grounding in the energy sector covering solar PV, microgrids, electric vehicles, rates, energy efficiency, solar and battery storage
• Develop research, time management and project management skills
• Economics training in forecasting, regression modelling and Monte Carlo simulations
• Mentoring by senior managers and industry experts
• Opportunity to work with big data, clustering and machine learning
• First rate training in Excel
• Learn to program in Python and SQL


• Paid CAP training program with paid annual and sick leave.
• Opportunity to work in our Australian & California offices

How to Apply?

Please email for more details. Include your CV and most up to date academic transcript in your email.


“I really enjoyed the programming aspect of the CAP with Energeia. Being able to pick up new skills like Python and SQL is really rewarding. In addition, my Excel skills, which I thought were strong, have progressed amazingly. At Energeia you work on many different projects and everyone teaches you something new.” TJ Blackburn

“I recommend the Energeia CAP to anyone who wants a steep learning curve in an environment where they are encouraged to adapt fast and manage their time efficiently from the very first day.
The engaging work and supportive mentors allowed me to develop solid technical skills in data analytics as well as a deep knowledge of the energy market in six months” Ryan Amaudruz

“The training program was a great opportunity to develop my abilities as I was able work closely with subject matter experts. I was provided many independent learning opportunities, but was never without the support of my project managers. The team was very supportive, inclusive” Bo Xu

Energeia is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will consider all qualified applicants regardless of race, colour, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sexual orientation or veteran status.