Industry Specialists

Energeia provide research advisory services to organisations focused on the latest energy technology and electricity industry.

Energeia brings together a group of hand-picked, highly qualified professionals with demonstrated track records of success within the energy industry and energy specialist academia across Australia, North America, Asia and Europe.

We offer a high performance team with a track record of delivering unique and cutting edge projects in the following areas:

  • Energy Policy and Regulation
  • Demand Management and Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Product Development and Pricing
  • Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure
  • Distributed Generation and Storage Technologies
  • Smart Networks and Smart Metering
  • Wholesale and Retail Electricity Markets
  • Energy Data and Analytics

Our energy-only focus helps ensure that our research and advice reflects a deep understanding of the issues, and is often based on first-hand experience within industry or as a practitioner applying theoretical economic and engineering concepts in an energy context.

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Ezra Beeman, Managing Director

Ezra Beeman specialises in business strategy, asset transactions, contract structuring, energy and information technology, market design and industry regulation for major oil, gas and power companies across Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region.

Ezra’s career at Ausgrid spanned a number of strategic and internal advisory roles, where he helped propel the company into a position of international leadership in new technology deployment. During his time there, Ezra built a reputation for tackling some of the company’s toughest challenges and achieving exceptional results.

In addition to his consulting and utility experience, Ezra is an internationally recognized expert on smart grids, wholesale and retail markets, customer research, and demand response.

Ezra holds a Masters of Applied Finance, Macquarie University, NSW Australia and Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College, United States

Mick Fell, Consulting Director

Mick has over eight years of experience as a management consultant focused on the energy and natural resources sectors. He joins Energeia after five years in leadership roles in Wood Mackenzie’s consulting practices in Australasia and the Asia Pacific.

At Wood Mackenzie Mick was a Vice President, with responsibilities for team leadership and business developments across a range of regions, offerings and sectors. Key energy focused mandates in the Australian market include work on demand forecasting, input fuel supply costs, fuel procurement, island generation and remote area power solutions.

Mick’s experience prior to consulting includes operational, management, technical, commercial and performance improvement roles on a range of different mining projects in Queensland and Indonesia.

Jacob Kharoufeh, Consultant

Jacob is a key member of Energeia’s modelling team, responsible for the management and development of Energeia’s advanced techno-economic modelling tools. Jacob has developed a range of customer, micro-generation technology and network impact models and is a specialist in advanced modelling tools and programming languages.

Jacob has also been involved in several high-profile client engagements, utilising high-level analytics, problem solving, communication and project management skills to deliver innovative solutions to support critical and complex business decisions for government departments, electricity network providers and retailers.

Jacob was a vital part of Energeia’s model development team on the landmark $100 million federally funded Smart Grid, Smart City program, providing research and modelling support in the development of the customer behavior and distribution network models underpinning the national cost benefit assessment.

Jacob has a Bachelor of Engineering (Photovoltaic and Solar Energy), University of New South Wales.

Dean Coulter, Senior Associate

Dean is a key member of Energeia’s research and modelling team, responsible for performing research and analysis using Energeia’s advanced techno-economic modelling tools. Dean has experience across a range of projects including customer segmentation, technology uptake forecasting and network impact models.

Working across both the research and modelling teams Dean has enabled the delivery of bespoke modelling tools to clients allowing them to inform their businesses strategic direction.

Dean’s prior experience to consulting includes management, coordination and quality assurance of remedial construction projects as a project engineer.

Dean has a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), University of New South Wales.

Bo Xu, Senior Associate

Bo is a key member of Energeia’s research and modelling team, responsible for performing research and analysis using Energeia’s advanced techno-economic modelling tools. Dean has experience across a range of projects including DER uptake forecasts, customer and market segmentation and network impact models.

Bo has been involved in several projects and has been a key member in delivering tailored modelling tools and presentations to clients. Working across the Research and modelling team, Bo has providing support and advisory services to clients regarding their unique business needs.

Prior to working at Energeia, Bo worked as a data Analyst at Wattblock working with energy efficient technologies and as a research assistant at the University of New South Wales working with 2nd generation PV cells.

Bo has a combined Bachelor of Engineering (Photovoltaic and Solar Energy) and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from the University of New South Wales.

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