Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption without Breaking the Bank: Reading the Signs

This report provides Energeia’s key insights from three recent electric vehicle consulting projects for clients in the US and Australia, and covers the following key topics:

  • – Electric vehicle market uptake drivers and barriers
    – Charging impacts on electricity network and generation infrastructure
    – Infrastructure and business positioning strategy.

In summary, Energeia’s work to date suggests the key barriers to EV market acceleration are a lack of model availability (especially for top selling models), a lack of charging management infrastructure, and a lack of ultra-high power fast charging stations at gas stations.

The key insights in the note include:

  • – There is a strong relationship, based on modelling of historical uptake of diesel engine technology, between vehicle availability and customer adoptions
    – If Australia’s top 5 selling passenger vehicles were offered as Battery Electric Vehicles or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Australia would see a three-fold increase in EV sales per year at current incentive levels
    – Modelling of transport data shows that workplace charging is likely to increase electricity distribution network investment costs unless there is solar PV generation on the same feeder and EV charging is managed
    – Energeia sees the future of public charging infrastructure as based on today’s gas station refuelling model because of its superior utilization, convenience and economics.